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From the time-travelling Delorean to the “Love Bug” VW Beetle, cars have played many iconic movie roles. Watch as some of the greatest car icons in films come to life.

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Here's how you can pull off 4 epic movie roadtrips

2016-03-10 09:50

GREAT ROAD TRIP MOVIE: This cool infographic shows you how to recreate your own movie road trip as well as costs and places you'll visit along the way. Now you can and buy your own dog-van from 'Dumb and Dumber' (pictured here) and explore the open road. Image: YouTube

Cape Town - From epic scenery to crazy adventures... road trips have a special place in movie history.

A good road trip movie should be filled with hijinks, bonding, humour and plenty of cool locations on the way.

Ever wanted to recreate a movie road trip? The guys at CarLeasingMadeSimple.com, created an awesome infographic piecing together the routes of four famous movies.

What's your favourite road trip movie? What makes it a great journey on screen? Email us  and we'll publish your thoughts.

Here's a list of the awesome Hollywood roadtrips you can recreate:

1 Easy rider

2 Dumb and Dumber

3 Road Trip

4 Little Miss Sunshine

CarLeasingMadeSimple.com: "For each of these trips we worked out petrol costs, the estimated driving time, the cost of buying the relevant car and given tips on what you could see and how to (legally) keep to the spirit of the movie."

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