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Here's how long top footballers would have to play to pay off their cars

2017-06-05 10:22

FROM RONALDO TO KAIZER CHIEF'S KATSANDE: Carspring, a UK based websited has condcuted a survey looking at how long some of the best footballers in the world would have to play to own their vehicles. Image: Newspress


Football manager Jose Mourinho, put out into the cold by Chelsea football club, steps into Jaguar's SA-bound SUV - the F-Pace. Watch the 'Special One' drive the new Jaguar on ice.

England - The world's top footballers are paid staggering salaries but did you ever wonder how long it would take, in terms of minutes played, them to pay of their cars?  

British car buying/selling website, Carspring, formulated an exciting survey regarding footballers and their cars.

The site  investigated the value of cars driven by some of the best players in world football and how long it take to pay off their cars based on their salaries.

The study showed how many minutes these players would have to be on the pitch and also, the correlation between the position they play and the type of car owned.

More than 250 players were analysed, with English Premier League, the Spanish La Liga and German Bundesliga players all under the spotlight. Check out the full list here!

Co-founder of Carspring, Dr. Peter Baumgart,  said: “At one end of the spectrum, Manchester City’s Jesus Navas could pay for his modest Nissan Micra in less than 11 minutes on the field.

"Despite being worth more than $15.5-million himself, Navas shows that big money doesn’t always mean big wheels. At the other end, Burnley’s extravagant George Boyd drives around in a Mercedes worth an equivalent $970 000. Just over 30 games are needed in order to pay for this luxurious car.”

We've listed the top 5 international players who can pay off their cars in the fastest time possible. 

Five players who could pay their car off in the quickest time: Info by Carspring


Five players with the most expensive cars: 

Car type vs player positions:

Image: Carspring

To see the rest of the list of players, click on the image below:

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