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Here's how long it would take top local soccer players to pay off their cars

2017-06-06 11:04

SHABBA AND CO: After looking at international players, see how long some local footballers would have to play to pay off their vehicles. Image: Sport24

Rouel van Nelson

South Africa - Footballers around the world are known for lavish lifestyles, luxury homes and of course... expensive cars.

So too, some players in South Africa's Premier Soccer League boast rather expensive tastes when it comes to their vehicles.

A case of popularity 

Carspring, a UK-based vehicle website, conducted a cool survey looking at how long it would take players to pay off their cars based on their time on the pitch and what their earnings are.

More than 250 players were researched around the world, including footballers from the Spanish La Liga, English Premiership and the German Bundesliga. Amidst the European-based superstars, several South African players made the list as well.

Click here to read the survey about international players. 

One game a week

The study also included local players. According to the Carspring study, Kaizer Chiefs defender Kgotso Moleko would have to play 20 hours to pay off his BMW 135i Cabriolet. In practical terms, should Moleko play only one game per week, he would have to play 13 games to fully pay off his beamer. (Calculations are based on one game played per week).

Internationally, it's a whole other ball game; Manchester City's Jesus Navas, who drives a Nissan Micra, only has to play 11mins17sec to pay off his car. 

Check out the list below: 


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