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Fuel-saving tips: How to extend your car's mileage

2017-03-09 11:18

SAVING CASH: These tips can help extend your fuel mileage. Image: Supplied

Cape Town - The prices of petrol and diesel has been continuing to rise globally.

In fact, some even believe it will be rising as the years will pass. Thankfully, through innovation and technology, a lot of fuel saving tips and tricks are developed for you to reduce your fuel consumption.

The Automobile Association said earlier in 2017: "South Africa's faltering economic position means the country is ill-positioned to weather further political scandals. These would have a direct effect on investor confidence and drive the Rand weaker. A sharply lower currency in a strengthening oil price environment could make for eye-watering fuel prices."

The guys at Rippah Australia weaved through a number of tips and constructed this infographic on what drivers can do to save fuel.

Follow these tips to maximize your fuel usage, save fuel and money, and help in saving the environment, as well.

Infographic by Rippah Australia

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