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Ford splashes into backyard pool... 6 crazy crashes of the week

2017-07-14 12:22

Rouel van Nelson

Cape Town - From a Ford Bakkie splashing into a backyard pool to a Toyota Supra driver getting some serious 'air' in Australia, this week has seen some crazy videos this week. 

Eww, gross!

On Friday, we featured what could easily be one of the grossest crashes we've seen yet, as a truckload of eels flipped onto the highway, spilling layers of slime on cars.

If that was not random enough, we featured a story about a Ford Bakkie that crashed into a backyard pool in the US.

We've also featured a twitter video capturing a bizarre police car chase on a California beach.

Check out these spectacular 6 crashes: 

1. WATCH: Ford bakkie splashes into backyard pool 

2. Gross! Car covered in slime, wriggling eels in nightmarish crash

3. WATCH: Truck crashes through traffic, rolls onto its side

4. 'Lucky lad!' Last-minute turn sends this Toyota Supra flying

5. F4 driver narrowly avoids SUV on track, fined €20 000 for posting video

6. WATCH: World's prettiest police car chase?


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