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#FathersDay: 6 Classic SA car ads that remind us why our Dads are so special

2018-06-17 19:00

Janine Van der Post

Image: YouTube

Cars are so much more than vehicles or modes of transportation. Sometimes, they become an extension of your personality and family heirlooms passed down through generations.

From Volkswagen's classic Beetle TV commercial to the three children debating about whose Dad's bakkie is more 'tougher-er', take a look at some classic SA car ads that will make you want to hug your Father.

From driving lessons to being handed the keys to your first ride - what's your favourite car moment with your father? Email us

1. Daddy and Daughter time

This cute ad shows little girl humming and singing a catchy tune at school all day, until she gets picked up by her father at the end of the day in a Volkswagen Golf 7. The same song plays in the car and the two of them sing along, it just warms your heart.

A pure definition of the automaker's tagline... 'For the love of the drive'.

2. 'This is My Life...

'And I'm passing on the memories...' One of the best local classic ads from the German automaker.

It's the story of a local family from a young man starting out his new journey as he meets his spouse, upgrading to a more family-friendly vehicle, along with the ups and downs of life. It culminates with him passing on his heritage (read: the family car) when he hands over his Beetle to his son for his 18th birthday. 

3. Strained relationships

Parent and child relationships are sometimes not easy, especially when it comes to adolescence. This VW Touareg ad shows how a little quality time in a car can bring two people together like this father and son.

These next three ads might all be about the Toyota Hilux and the Hilux Dakar Edition, old and new, but they are funny as heck, and most dads will relate...

4. 'No my dad's Hilux is tougher-er'

5. His Hilux doesn't even stand a chance...

6. It's a Dakar Hilux thing

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