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'Everyone wants a GTI!' - Here are the top 10 most searched for vehicle derivatives in SA

2019-09-25 04:30

George Mienie, AutoTrader SA / Compiled by Leigh-Ann Londt

New Golf GTI

Image: Motorpress

The highly aspirational nature of GTI models produced by Volkswagen has been reaffirmed by an analysis of the most searched-for individual variants on AutoTrader

AutoTrader is SA’s leading digital automotive marketplace with over 1 million searches to site per day. They have the only comprehensive and structured VIN database, which serves as a sound proxy for the local automotive market demand and supply. 

According to George Mienie, CEO of AutoTrader, the Volkswagen Golf GTI is currently the most searched-for variant.

"The Golf GTI made up almost 3% of total variant searches. Given the fact that it is just one model – and we list over 16 000 individual models on AutoTrader he notes. 

The second spot is occupied by the Volkswagen Golf GTI’s sibling, the Volkswagen Polo GTI.

"It accounted for 2.54% of all searches, which is also remarkable," says Mienie. 

volkswagen golf gti,gti,vw

                                              Image: Charlen Raymond

Rounding off the top three is yet another Volkswagen model. “The third most searched-for individual variant is the Golf R. This is testament to the power of the Volkswagen brand, and a clear indication that the company’s performance models are some of the most desirable’’ Mienie points out. Occupying the fourth and fifth spots are two models that, while hailing from the same manufacturer, are quite different vehicles.

The Ford Ranger Wildtrak bakkie clocks in at fourth, followed very closely by yet another performance car, the Ford Focus ST. “The Ranger is the only bakkie in the top 10,” says Mienie. Sixth, seventh and eighth places are all occupied by luxury German cars.

In number six is the BMW 320i, followed by the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG and finally, the BMW 320d. Yet another Ford – the Fiesta ST – clocks in ninth while the Audi S3 2.0 rounds off the top ten. 

Top 10 most searched for variant:

1. Volkswagen Golf GTI

volkswagen golf gti,gti,vw

                                               Image: Charlen Raymond

2. Volkswagen Polo GTI

3. Volkswagen Golf R

Volkswagen Golf R

                                              Image: Volkswagen

4. Ford Ranger Wildtrak

ford ranger,ranger,ford,wildtrak,ranger wildtrak

                                               Image: Calvin Fisher

5. Ford Focus ST

                                                          Image: Les Stephenson

6. BMW 3 Series 320i


                                              Image: BMW

7. Mercedes-AMG C-Class C63 

                                              Image: Wheels24

8. BMW 3 Series 320d

bmw 320d

                                               Image: Newspress

9. Ford Fiesta ST

10. Audi S3 2.0  

audi s3 sportback

                                                Image: Audi

The analysis pertains to the period between June and  August 2019, of which 4.7 -million variant searches were conducted. 


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