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Despite dagga being legalised in SA, it's still 'illegal to smoke weed and drive on our roads' - Arrive Alive

2018-09-19 11:27
Smoking a joint while driving

Image: iStock

The Constitutional Court has ruled that the personal use of dagga is not a criminal offence.

The Constitutional Court dispensed with the High Court's limitation of its order to the use, cultivation or possession of cannabis 'at home or in a private dwelling'. It held that the right to privacy extends beyond the boundaries of the home.

Don't smoke and drive

Arrive Alive's Johan Jonck said: "It is important to understand that the Constitutional Court has legalized the cultivation and usage of dagga in private as the ban was found to infringe of the rights to privacy.

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"It is not a green light to drive under the influence of dagga or any other drug having a narcotic effect. We need to understand that our rights can be limited by the rights of others and their right to safety.

Now that dagga is legalised for home use, do you think it will have a negative impact on driving under the influence in SA? Email us

"Even those people who use dagga would not want to have family and friends exposed to recklessness on the roads by those who may be so under the influence that they may make incorrect and unsafe decisions on the roads!:


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