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Design evolution of cars: Here's how the Honda Civic has grown from a subcompact family vehicle to a petrolhead's dream

2018-10-09 15:00

Budget Direct

Image: Wheels24 / Sean Parker

The Honda Civic might be more popular for its racing pedigree and reputation with petrolheads all over the world, but when the first generation was launched in 1972, it was seen as a reliable and affordable family vehicle.

Before the Civic’s release, Honda was actually considering pulling out of car manufacturing altogether, says the folk from Budget Direct. 

That all changed in 1972 however, as the subcompact Civic became a massive global hit due to its reliable engine and great fuel efficiency. Today, more than five decades later, not much has changed when it comes to its reputation. 
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The Civic has gone through ten generations of alterations which has also seen it being a showcase for Honda’s renowned engine manufacturing abilities, with it being powered over the years by its famed CVCC, VTEC and K engines.

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