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Caught in the crossfire: Here's what to do if you're caught in deadly cash-in-transit heists in SA

2018-06-26 12:09

Robin Classen

12 UNROADWORTHY VEHICLES: An SBV cash-in-transit van of the type involved in a horror crash that killed two people and injured 113 in Mpumalanga. Image: SBV

The recent spate of cash-in-transit heists across South Africa highlights the importance of safety and security on our roads. 

News24 reported a cash-in-transit robbery that took occurred earlier in June where one police officer was killed and two Fidelity guards as well as bystanders were wounded in Hillbrow, Johannesburg.

In May, News24 reported on several cash-in-transit heists that occurred during the space of one week in SA.

Bystander info is vital

This type of road crime can happen without warning and all too often motorists are caught in deadly crossfire.

WATCH: Cash-in-transit Heist in Hillbrow!

According to Arrive Alive, bystander reaction and information is vital for action to be taken and arrests to be made.

We list top tips at the end of this article.

Here is a clip of a cash-in-transit robbery in SA:

What to do when witnessing cash-in-transit heists: list by Arrive Alive

• Do not place yourself in danger of either being shot in the crossfire that enviably occurs or being accosted by one of the criminals who may be hiding in close proximity to you and may react irrationally to you taking a video.

• Personal safety first - The sensible thing to do would be to try and vacate the area if possible without jeopardising oneself or other in the process. If you cannot leave the area remain calm.

• During cash-in-transit robberies and bombings the perpetrators are armed and dangerous, so you should never approach them.

• Immediately Contact the SAPS 10111 and report the crime. Remember to provide accurate information to the SAPS to ensure they can respond to the scene.

• If you can identify the Cash in Transit Company involved in the attack you can  contact their National Control Room to report the incident so that the company can arrange for medical and operational assistance.

• Do not switch off your vehicle, leave your vehicle in momentum, in case you need to escape the incident.

• Be vigilant of your own surroundings. Lock the vehicle doors and wait for emergency respondents to arrive at the scene.

• With caution, identify the criminals, get-a-away vehicles, or any information that may be valuable towards an investigation.

• Do not remain around the area to take video footage of the incident.

• Do not post any video footage on social media and release any footage that you may have in your possession to the SAPS and or the Cash in Transit Company to assist with their investigation.


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