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CAR DOCTOR | My car is making a funny noise at the front right wheel, what is it? - reader

2020-02-10 16:00

KNOW YOUR SOUNDS: If you know what the weird sounds your vehicle is making mean, you could save yourself a lot of heartache. Image: iStock

Wheels24 reader Glad Madonsela sent us a question for our Car Doctor about his Toyota Corolla, and a strange noise the vehicle is making.

Madonsela: I am driving a 2007 Toyota Corrola 1.6 GSX sedan with a manual transmission.

Two months ago I serviced my car at a Toyota dealership and I mentioned a noise when turning on the right side of the car.

Then recently I traveled from Pretoria to Richards Bay. I returned on the 4th of February, then on the morning of the 5th of February as I was driving to work, the noise returned at the front right side's wheel whenever I turn right. What could it be?

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Wheels24 Car Doctor, Paul Kasker says: "Dear Madonsela, this could be a couple of things: if it's a grinding noise, it could be a faulty wheel bearing. If this is not seen to, your wheel could possibly become dislodged from your vehicle's differential and can cause further damage to your car's suspension and /or CV joints. 

"If it's a clucking sound, it could be a wearing CV joint. If the CV boots (or better known as the drive axle joint) are damaged showing any cracks or tears, your CV joint can become damaged due to exposure to oil leaks or other elements."

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