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Before you buy: budget cars that best hold their value at auction in SA

2018-08-31 11:50

Image: Wheels24 / Janine Van der Post

One of the most important considerations when purchasing a car is its resale value. 

TruePrice.co.za  has revealed which entry-level cars hold their value in South Africa; its statistics are based on actual prices achieved at auction.

According to Darryl Jacobson, managing director of True Price, said: "Naturally, this is the most cost-sensitive segment of the market. It’s very important to factor in resale values when making a vehicle purchase – and these statistics will help motorists to make an educated decision when purchasing what could be their first car."

Aygo rules the roost

The Toyota Aygo rules the resale value roost says Jacobson: "It is achieving 75% of original list price on auction, making it the clear leader in resale values. This almost certainly is thanks to Toyota’s reputation for building reliable vehicles."

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                                                                                  Image: Wheels24

The number two spot goes to the Kia Picanto – at 68%: "Kia is a brand that has grown in reputation and stature – both globally and here in South Africa."

                                                                        Image: Quickpic

In third, at 66%, is the Hyundai i10.

                                                                Image: Hyundai

Yet another Toyota, the Etios, occupies the number four spot, achieving 65% of original list price: "Once again, this is due to Toyota’s exceptional reputation for reliability and good service."


                                                                        Image: Quickpic

The Suzuki Celerio – at 64% – grabs the fifth spot. Jacobson said: "If there is one brand in South Africa that’s truly going places, it’s Suzuki. Suzuki has become synonymous with value-for-money, quality cars."

                                                                          Image: Motorpress

Two Volkswagen products – the Polo Vivo and Up – occupy the sixth and seventh spots, achieving 64 and 59% respectively. He said: "I was surprised that these vehicles didn’t achieve better positions. Volkswagen enjoys an enviable reputation in South Africa, and both of these vehicles are exceptional cars."

The cheap and cheerful Datsun Go achieved 58%. Jacobson says that, with the safety upgrades that are due to be implemented on the Go, it will probably improve its resale value in time to come.

                                                                     Image: Motorpress

The Honda Brio clocked in ninth, with 55%. Jacobson said: "This is another surprise entry. Hondas have traditionally held their value far better than this."

                                                                            Image: Honda

This is the full list of entry-level vehicles and the prices they are achieving on auction (versus original list price):

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