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60 years of screen legends: Top 5 iconic cars in films

2018-04-17 19:00

From the time-travelling Delorean to the “Love Bug” VW Beetle, cars have played many iconic movie roles.

The guys at GoCompare.com  created an awesome list highlighting some of the most iconic vehicles on the big screen.

GoCompare said: "We’ve analysed six decades worth of movie data in order to uncover the most famous makes and models to have appeared on the big screen."

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In order to classify a car as "Iconic", the company used IMDb popularity combined with their appearances in film.

Iconic cars

GoCompare said: "Some cars reach true celebrity status, particularly when they dominate the screen or appear heavily in a cult classic film, such as the legendary time-travelling DeLorean, the robotic, transforming Chevrolet Camaro or the cool classic, Ford Gran Torino." 

Watch as iconic movie cars animate and come to life in these cool gifs below:

1. The iconic and classic Batmobile, seen in movies like Batman and Robin and Batman Forever - this is definitely not your average street car.


2. The Chevrolet Camaro is a stalwart of American muscle cars, rivaling the likes of the Ford Mustang.


3. Made famous by the movie Back to the future, the DeLorean is a collectors item and known throughout the world.


4. Often reffered to as the 'Italian Detroit', the Ford Gran Torino is right up there with some of the well known muscle cars.


5. Featured in movies such as the Italian Job and, of course, Mr Bean, the pint sized Britsh pocket rocket will forever be remembered.


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