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4 cars SA President Cyril Ramaphosa could buy for his blue light brigade

2018-02-22 05:00

Lance Branquinho

South Africa - Our new President’s fleet of VIP vehicles requires oversight. Here's what Cyril Ramaphosa aides should be considering for the blue light brigade. 

The worst thing about getting that big corporate promotion is having to inherit your forebear’s company car. It’s never quite what you want, in the colour you like, with the trim you desire. And then there’s the condition of a used company car: usually worse than that of any rental. 

VIP vehicles

Suffice to say that amongst the many things our new president, Cyril Ramaphosa, must do, is decide on the VIP vehicles that he’ll be using. Under his predecessor, Jacob Zuma, those VIP close protection officers, in their black vehicles with blue lights, did not court much favour from fellow South African motorists. Many accidents. Too many incidents. And always a massive disruption in traffic. 

To assist President Ramaphosa in his thinking around a new VIP presidential motorcade, we thought some advice would be appropriate. Hence, a list of vehicles which should comprise his new fleet all serving a specific purpose and more importantly, all also contributing to the local economy by sustaining employment. Our list of blue light brigade vehicles provides an excellence hedge against allegations that money spent by government on new vehicles, is always wasteful expenditure. 

Special mention

4 VW Polo 1.6 Comfortline Tiptronic - R221 900

                                                Image: Wheels24 / Sergio Davids

VIP protection officers the world over know that stealth is one of the best countermeasures you can employ to keep the people you are paid to guard, safe. And there are few stealthier cars you can drive in South Africa than a Polo.

Selling in vast numbers, the Polo doesn’t attraction attention and if you go for the new mid-range option, a 1.6 Comfortline, you’re blending in better than ever. For those quick jaunts across one of the major cities, to a meeting that can’t be traced or seen to attract undue attention, Ramaphosa would be his most unnoticeable in a white Polo. 

The 1.6 isn’t hugely quick but its 77kW are moderated by an automatic transmission, which means any protection driver can keep both hands on the wheel and be most vigilant, instead of risking a clutch-and-throttle stall under pressure. It’s also a champion of localisation, built at VW’s Uitenhage facility 40min outside of Port Elizabeth.

Unfortunately, the buffalo transport rating of VW’s new Polo isn’t great, and even if you drop the rear seats, you’ll maybe fit a new born calf in it. At best. Sorry Mr President, we’ve got to keep it ultra-stealth with this one. 


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