Gramps clocks 1.6m km in Porsches

2013-04-29 09:37

LONDON, England - Peter Bradley (82), a Porsche enthusiast from Sheffield in northern England has clocked 1.6-million km in his long series of Porsches.

He's owned more than 20 since 1957 and says none has ever broken down; neither has he received a speeding ticket over the past 55 years.


“When I get behind the wheel of such great machinery I don't need to show off," he said. "Every time I turn the ignition key I know I am going on a fabulous journey in a superb motor car. It's like being a jockey on a thoroughbred and I've enjoyed every mile of my many journeys in my many Porsches."


Bradley told the London Daily Mail he usually kept a Porsche for three years and often owned more than one at a time. The most recent purchase was a 997 but he sold it six months later because it was “a bit quick”.

“I've never had a speeding point on my driving licence since I started driving Porsches 55 years ago." he said.  "I was stopped for going too fast once, but that was before you got points on your licence.

“I can't even begin to calculate how much I have spent on Porsches, but they have been worth every penny.”


Bradley bought his first Porsche on August 5, 1957 – a blue 356 for the then equivalent of about R2400.

He told the Daily Mail : "I bought it from the factory in Germany and drove it all around Europe. I did 9656km just getting it back home and had it serviced in Paris. Since then I've been back to that factory more times than I care to remember - I've seen that many Porsches being built I could probably assemble one myself.

“I had always been very impressed with Porsches as race cars. They were not perhaps the fastest, but they were the most reliable and always finished the race."

Bradley recalls his 50 years with Porsche. Watch the video!