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Goodyear Triple Tube: Future of tyres?

2015-03-05 10:31

MORPHING TYRE CONCEPT: Goodyear’s Triple Tube concept tyre can adapt to varying road conditions by inflating/deflating multiple air chambers. Image: Goodyear

GENEVA, Switzerland - Goodyear is displaying its Triple Tube self-adjusting concept tyre at the 2015 Geneva International Motor Show.

It was developed by the company's innovation centre in Luxembourg to inflate/deflate based on road conditions  and driving style for optimum performance and versatility.

Goodyear says the tyres could be used by autonomous cars to prepare their shape before, for instance, entering a curve in the road, thought the tyremaker has made plain there are no current plans to market the Triple Tube.


The Triple Tube automatically adjusts to one of three positions based on road conditions. They are, in Goodyear's words:

• Eco/Safety – Reduced rolling resistance through optimised stiffness distribution. Also provides dry braking through a wide footprint in contact with the road.
• Sport – Better dry handling through optimised contact patch using active conical shape.
• Wet safety – Provides high aquaplaning resistance through a raised tread in the centre of the tyre, leading to a bigger tyre diameter resulting in a narrow and long footprint.


The tyres use an internal pump to move air from the main chamber to three individual chambers. Multiple air chambers provide extended mobility, as the tyre can still operate even if with one chamber holed.

VIDEO: 2015 Goodyear Triple Tube - how it works

IMAGE GALLERY: 2015 Goodyear Triple Tube

The Triple Tube sidewall can be customised to fit spokes and rims and its base compound is "fully sustainable, made with silica derived from rice-husk ash”, a technology debuted by Goodyear in 2014.

General director at the Goodyear Innovation Centre, Jean-Pierre Jeusette, said: "The Triple Tube is a testament to our engineers and we are proud to showcase it as a concept at Geneva. The tyres bring together environmental benefits by reducing CO2 emissions and using sustainable materials, as well as safety benefits and mobility after a puncture,"

The Triple Tube is a concept development and will not be produced by Goodyear.


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