Golf claims EuroCoty title

2013-03-05 14:23

GENEVA, Switzerland - The Volkswagen Golf has been named Europe's 2013 Car of the Year.

The seventh-generation Golf left its competition in the dust ahead of the 2013 Geneva International Motor Show with 414 votes.

The Subaru BRZ, available in South Africa, was second with 202 and the Volvo V40 third with 189.


Since its launch in 1974 more than 29-million have been sold globally; South Africa has been home to 323 100 since its local introduction in 1978. The seventh generation, first shown at the Paris auto show in 2012, was launched in South Africa in  February 2013.

The award is one of the most important in Europe and gives consumers an idea of what the experts think the "car of the future" might be.

But it's old news for the Golf; it also won the trophy in 1992.
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  • vickers.vermeulen - 2013-03-05 17:47

    "The Subaru BRZ, sold as the Toyota 86 in South Africa" Nope it is sold as the Subaru BRZ in South Africa... currently available at your local Subaru dealer at a selling price of R389K compared to the 86 that can be had for R334K

  • Dexter Tangocci - 2013-03-05 21:00

    How predictable. And boring.

  • vickers.vermeulen - 2013-03-07 06:46

    And to follow up on the Golf victory, the top 4 contestants for World Car of the year 2013 has just been announced. It seems that on the 28th of March the Golf will be getting the next feather in its cap and follow the VW Up! to make it two in a row for VW. Other contestants gunning for that title: BRZ/86; Boxter; Merc A Class

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