Fab Fords of film rounded up

2011-10-20 09:16

LONDON, England - Five of Ford's most memorable vehicles of film and TV have been brought together at Elstree Studios as part of the brand's '100 years of Ford of Britain' celebration.

The Ford Anglia 105E from 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets' has been lined up alongside the pink FAB1 superflyingcar from 'Thunderbirds', James Bond’s Ford Mondeo from the 2007 film 'Casino Royale', a Ford Granada as seen in 'The Sweeney' TV series and Dr Who’s yellow veteran car.


One of the most-watched vehicles in film history is the turquoise Ford Anglia 105E seen in the Harry Potter film. Its owner, John Colyer, said: “I’ve been involved with Ford Anglia clubs for 30 years so when I was asked by the film's makers to provide a car it just took off and I ended up supplying about 15."

One of the most eye-catching vehicles at Elstree was the six-wheeled, Ford-badged FAB1 belonging to Lady Penelope that starred in the 2004 action movie 'Thunderbirds', based on the long-running TV series of the same name about a rich family with owned boats, planes and rockets that saved the world every week.

FAB1 road-legal and fully operational.

FAB FORDS: Lady Penelope thundered around in the six-wheeled pink car and the little Anglia featured in a Harry Potter movie.

Daniel Craig's debut as James Bond in 'Casino Royale', which showed ahead of the Mondeo's 2007 launch, involved a hand-built prototype. After filming the car was donated by Ford to the Ian Fleming Foundation to join the Bond exhibition at the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu.


Ford vehicles featured in many series, among them the gritty British police series 'The Sweeney' and the science-fiction drama 'Dr Who'.  The frequent car chases in 'The Sweeney' helped the Ford Consul GT and later the Ford Granada achieve cult status with car fans.

The canary-yellow Edwardian wheels registered as WHO 1 make regular appearances at Dr Who conventions and several Dr Who fans have used the car for weddings.