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Women's WCOTY winners

2009-12-14 08:29
A panel of female journalists have voted the Jaguar XF as the inaugural World Women's Car of the Year.

This Big Cat trounced the Volvo XC60 and thumped the Volkswagen Golf 6 to be chosen as the favourite amongst the ladies.  

The judging panel comprised eight female motoring journalists from around the world - and included a juror from South Africa.

"We searched for quite a while to gather together women motoring writers who could qualify to vote for this award and it wasn’t easy because female motor journalists aren’t exactly thick on the ground," chief judge, New Zealander Sandy Myhre said.

Qualifying cars had to be sold in at least 10 countries and had to be available between September 2008 to September 2009.

Winners in the four categories were chosen from a shortlist of 21 cars decided earlier this year. Judging criteria included storage spaces, dashboard friendliness, child friendliness, aesthetic appeal and driveability. The car's "sex appeal" was also considered.

Luxury Car of the Year and overall winner - Jaguar XF
Runner up - Audi A6

Family Car of the Year - Volvo XC60
Runner up - Honda Accord

Sports Car of the Year - Audi TTS
Runner up - Mazda MX-5        

Economy Car of the Year - Volkswagen Golf TDI
Runner up - Ford Fiesta

While the judges admitted that a luxury car as the overall winner was an unexpected result given what is generally considered to be a "woman's car", the Jag was considered to be "well-constructed, competent, comfortable, a combination of sport and luxury and ideal for women".


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