Women: Staying safe in your car

2013-03-16 08:18

Our eyes might be on the road but women generally seem to be more distracted. They’re thinking about what to cook for dinner and trying to stop the kids scratching out each other’s eyes in the back seat.

A UK road safety organisation and breakdown cover company called GEM Motoring Assist, along with the Suzy Lamplugh Trust, has created an awareness campaign for road safety for drivers - especially women.

The online leaflets offer tips and advice on personal safety on the road, including do’s and don’ts during a breakdown and dangerous situations.


New mom Konnie Huq, involved with the campaign, says: “Most journeys we make will be free from incident or threat but, occasionally, we may have cause for concern. The advice in this booklet should help make car travel safer and less stressful for everyone.”

Trust director Catherine Skinner added: “The chance of becoming involved in violence or aggression while driving is very small but, as the risk exists, it makes sense to take a few simple precautions.”

While the campaign stems from the UK, the advice can be shared globally, especially on SA roads (send the URL of this story to your friends...!).


Smash and grab incidents are increasing on South Africa's roads. Drivers need to be observant at all times, despite the distractions. Sticking to basic safety rules could save you from inconveniences - or even preserve your life.

Cape Town Traffic Services spokesperson Maxine Jordaan says: "Keep your belongings in the boot but, should you be attacked, don't ever get out of your vehicle to run after or confront suspects. Try to get a good description of the suspect like if he/she was wearing a cap, the colour of their jersey or top. Just drive to the nearest police station."

Jordaan says its important that women empower themselves.

"Be confident. Invest in a good can of pepper spray and always keep emergency contacts on speed dial. Learn to change a tyre, get to know your vehicle and take self defense classes. And most importantly, always trust your instincts.," she says.


Download the personal safety leaflet here and click on the links below for five sets of top 10 tips below for various situations.

Top 10 tips: Breakdown rules
Top 10 tips: Travelling with kids
Top 10 tips: Dangerous stuff
Top 10 tips: Safer parking
Top 10 tips: General safety

  • christa.brits.77 - 2013-03-18 12:50

    I think this is such an important article for women to always be on their alert when driving! I could not download the personal safety leaflet to add to my www.facebook.com/womenandcarsSA. please assist me herewith.

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