Wheels24 presents 'best of 2011'

2011-12-13 12:11

Despite a host of new models such as BMW’s new 3 series and Volkswagen's new Jetta, nothing stirs up car enthusiasts like a crazy story involving an even more implausible premise such as toddlers driving motorcycles or a cop ramming a smuggler’s plane with his car.

We’ve compiled a list of our top stories through 2011:

January - Speedster survives 252kmh crash

We started the year with a speedster unable to escape the long arm of the law in the US. A motorcycle rider in Arizona survived a 252km/h crash while attempting to escape the authorities. 

February - Four-year-old rides motorcycle

A YouTube clip showed some rather poor parenting as a four-year-old girl was allowed to ride a motorcycle on a public road.

March - Chinese hammer Lamborghini

The good blue-collar workers of China have a go at customer dissatisfaction after one owner’s frustrations with his Lamborghini Gallardo prompted him to destroy the super car publicly.

April - Teen wrecks rare German supercar

A 20-year-old driver, trying to impress his 19-year-old girlfriend with some high-speed cornering on a very slow-speed left curve, saw things, predictably, go wrong.

May - Why you mustn't drive and text

YouTube user Sean Symons managed to capture a driver texting - with a predictably horrific outcome - while driving. In the shocking video a driver is shown drifting on to the road shoulder and eventually into oncoming traffic.

June - Supercar shoot-out kills Audi R8

If you think wild shoot-outs in the 'burbs are a uniquely South African occurrence, let the destruction of an Audi R8 serve to dissuade you of such an opinion. The German Polizei’s special forces took on a violent driver and shot his super-car ride 37 times.

July - Superbikes meet head-on

A biker miraculously escaped serious injury when another rider came sliding into his path while blitzing through The Snake, an infamously challenging swathe of tarmac connecting the Seminole hot springs and Kanan road in California’s Santa Monica mountains.

August - Fakers! Nissan tells Top Gear

Top Gear's fakery row was sparked in August 2011 with Nissan calling the hit motoring show 'fake' for a misleading programme on its electric LEAF. Other news making headlines in August saw two BMW technicians go a joyride in a suburb before delivering a 1M to the unsuspecting owner.

September - Latest VW Jetta driven

Volkswagen's new Jetta lands on our shores with a five-model sedan line-up. The German automaker hopes to dismiss the "just a Golf with a boot" stigma. Also in September an exotic car dealership owner crashed his modified Enzo Ferrari into the ocean during the Targa Newfoundland Rally 2011.

October - SA Car of the Year 2011

SA's Car of the Year finalists were announced in October with Hyundai's Elantra and Ford's Focus quickly gaining popularity in our voting booth. If you'd like to vote on your favourite or wish to see how our readers voted click here!

November - Video: Die-hard cop rams plane

A scene taken from a Hollywood action movie took place in Brazil as a die-hard cop rammed and grounded a smugglers' plane with his car.

December - 13 supercars trashed in pile-up

A Ferrari driver’s error of judgment has caused a huge crash involving 14 cars among them seven Ferraris, three Mercedes, a Lamborghini and a very unfortunate Toyota Prius.