Cape crash videos 09/12: Video 1

2012-09-25 11:11

CAPE TOWN - In December 2011, the Western Cape's Safely Home campaign launched a series of videos showing crashes and road accidents in the province. The aim of the campaign was to highlight the dangers of reckless driving in the Cape by showing CCTV footage of serious collisions.

In September 2012 the Cape Transport and Public Works launched its next series of videos as part of its viral government safety campaign.

According to Western Cape transport minister Robin Carlisle, the videos are the latest instalment of an on-going campaign to educate the public on the violence behind crashes caused by irresponsible, reckless and downright stupid road use.

We now have some of the latest videos and they're eye-openers for complacent drivers in the province and are "not for young viewers". Wheels24 happens to disagree on that: children see stunt crashes on TV all the time and watch the passengers walk away. These videos are a healthy dose of reality in our modern world of video games and TV.

Click on the links to view the videos:
Crash witness September 2012 Video 2
Crash witness September 2012 Video 3

In this three-part video you can see three instances of reckless behaviour on our roads. The first two sequences show how easy it is to lose control of your vehicle while traveling at speed. The first part shows a vehicle apparently attempting to change lanes but ends up careering off the road, while the second shows the dangers of speeding on wet surfaces as a vehicle skids out of control and ultimately rolls.

The third part shows a shocking case of negligence as a vehicle runs over a *scooter and its rider in an attempt to get to anoff-ramp on what looks to be N1 outgoing. In the video you can see the vehicle cutting across and crashing into the scooter before driving across the off-ramp median far to the left.

It's astounding that the driver simply continued driving after the accident.

As more videos are released we'll published them on Wheels24. Please email us should you indentify the incidents or their location.

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Watch the video below:

*It was in fact a Harley-Davidson Street Glide

  • terryl.underwood.5 - 2012-09-25 22:18

    I was the pillion on the scooter that was driven down in Video . Actually it was a harley street glide - which is difficult to miss. The perpetrator was an off duty policeman, who was arrested and brought back to the scene of the accident.. We only found that he was a policeman - 6 months after the accident. The car hit us and drove off -even though he left his bumper next to us.  The case has still not been heard after 18 months, blood tests not available. and no feedback from the police inspite of numerous attempts. the provincial traffic department's initiative is noble but unless people are held to account for what they do on the road- there will be little deterrent. life is too cheap. It seems that aside from the hapless victims' pain, suffering and recovery- there is little consequence for the careless, irresponsible, illegal drunken driver - even when he coukd be held to higher standards- being a policeman and by definition an upholder of justice. Again, not after revenge- but an acknowledgement of the mistake and understanding of consequence, perhaps some community service assisting people disabled in car accidents.

      pendals - 2012-09-26 07:27

      so sorry for what happened!! i hope you dont mind, i took up an event, let them see and hear us!! no day to die!! and its for all sizes of bikes and i would like to invite you to the next event, if possible, i am on facebook, go have a look : vickie cooper. i pasted your comment just for emphasizing this, as we loose alot of biking ppl on the road as result of neglegent car drivers! hope you recovered well.....

  • andrew.roseveare - 2012-09-25 23:03

    It is a joke that the policeman in the the third part of the clip knocking over the bike has not had his day in court yet.I was at the scene of the accident as I was riding a short distance behind the pair knocked over. I was also there when the police brought the driver of the car back to the scene of the accident,and to see no remorse on his face and very little worry he could have killed two innocent people. And this from someone who swore to serve and protect.our police force is a farce and the ranks are filled with people who think they can do as they please. But would not be surprised if all evidence is lost and ends up in file 13

  • megala.arxithia - 2012-09-26 06:10

    Drive around CT for a day and you will see how the Cap flat locals drive and you'll be scared stiff to drive again. You will also see that you can drive around the city for days on end without ever seeing a traffic official or car. The high accident rate is a result of dumb low class people who somehow wangled a drivers license only to be let loose on the roads with no police around!!

  • tarryn.vieirapasley - 2012-09-26 15:34

    It would be great if Gauteng adopted this campaign on our roads. It is ridiculous to see how many accidents are caused by people who just don't know how to drive or forget the basic rules of the road. Weldone to the Western Cape for starting this campaign - if only more provinces could follow suit. Tarryn

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