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VW's new hot hatch

2008-11-27 07:34

VW’s hot Scirocco is rumoured to be evolving along S3 powered R20T lines, not R32 V6 branding anymore. Styling will cue from the race car – supposedly.

Despite performance cars hardly being flavour of the month on sales charts, VW is pooling resources to ensure its Scirocco is the hottest hatch of the batch.
The curiously styled - though strangely appealing - three door is rumoured to borrow Audi’s S3 2l turbomotor for its range topping R20T model.

Pundits expected R32 V6 power, or perhaps a radically tweaked twin-charged engine (especially considering emissions caveats) but the 188kW Audi S-line engine is certainly prodigious enough.

Styling is alleged to take its cue from the tasty GT24 endurance racer, though how much of the styling appeal is likely to remain when the racing paraphernalia is stripped away for road use is to be seen…

VW is expected to showcase the R20T model soon – though the Essen motor show, which opens this coming Saturday, is perhaps a tad too early.


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