VW's new ad - The Dog strikes back

2012-02-06 13:04

Earlier in 2012 we reported on Volkswagen's canine Star Wars themed teaser video on YouTube. Now the German automaker has released an advert to mark the introduction of its new Beetle in the US.

The advert shows an overweight pooch getting back into shape and ties in with the US launch of VW's iconic car.

The new Beetle, previewed at the Johannesburg auto show will include a 77kW 1.2 TSI and a 118kW 1.4 TSI, the latter with the option of a seven-speed DSG.

VW has had great success with its Star Wars Passat advert reaching more than 50-million hits on YouTube. Expect the new Beetle to arrive in South Africa in September 2012.

Watch the advert below: Look out for the special guest appearance at 01:00

  • lumifi - 2012-02-07 21:59

    My God, this is terrible!!! Who buys this ugly thing???? Looks likes a frog! The front is equal to the rear!!

  • Keamogetswe Theodore Bokaba - 2012-02-08 10:08

    She's beautiful. With me, as long as it's german, i'll drive it. #DasAuto

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