VW deems its cars old at 5 years

2012-04-24 12:54

VW SA has introduced a range of what it deems "affordable" parts for vehicles aged five years and older and out of warranty.

What! Only five years!

Richard Longe, general manager Group Parts VW, said: "Economy parts still maintain and offer the quality standards found in genuine parts. There is no compromise on the safety, performance and durability of the parts even though they are more affordable than the genuine parts currently available to our customers of these older models."


The "older" parts will still be VW-approved but, the automaker says,will be "more affordable". That, of course, depends on how much money you have.

Among the parts are brake pads and discs, batteries, shocks-absorbers, driveshaft constant-velocity joints, wiper blades and spark plugs. None of which VW actually MAKES, they are merely selling them on.

Wheels24 wonders why DIY service gurus and non-franchise service operations would particularly want such parts - they can be bought over-the-counter just about anywhere - perhaps at even more "affordable prices".

VWSA will be expanding its parts range throughout 2012, the company said. Which is reassuring, but meanwhile, if you have an "older" car, we suggest you phone around for prices.

And it's a pity that VW, given its vehicles usual longevity, regards a mere five years as "old". Some people are only making the last payment on their wheels after five years!

  • mario.b.ndlovu - 2012-05-09 12:09

    Checked them over the weekend their quite expensive at the originals not too much differance

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