VW Ups! ante on car-cramming

2011-10-24 13:47

Cramming people into a car is an age-old pastime for record breakings. Volkswagen has decided to showcase the spacious interior of its tiny Up! by shoving in as many people as is possible. At 3.54m long and 1.64m wide, the Up! is one of the smallest four-seat cars available.

Ultimately 15 very uncomfortable women and one (lucky?) guy squeezed into an Up!: Two in the boot, one on the dashboard, seven on the rear seat, four on the front seats, two in the footwells. Fortunately the 16 occupants were not judged on comfort.


Volkswagen Up

RECORD ATTEMPT: Possibly the only scenario where being surrounded by 15 women would be a bad thing as VW attempts to break a world record.

VW has a long tradition with squeezing passengers in its vehicles sparked by its venerable Beetle.

At a car meet in Australia, 17 Beetle friends squeezed into this Volksie and in 2010, 20 people, who obviously have a high tolerance for pain, raised the bar with a record in Kentucky, USA to enter the Guinness Book of World Records.

Naturally, attempts were also made in the successor model and 27 students from the USA squeezed into a New Beetle in 2001.

In 2010, 19 people crammed themselves into a Smart car in Pakistan…quite a daring feat considering the vehicle doesn’t have a back seat.

Unfortunately South Africa possibly has its own infamous records earlier this year as a taxi was pulled over containing 55 children.