Chinese set to buy UK roads?

2012-03-19 13:49

LONDON, England - Sovereign wealth funds, pension funds and private investors could take control of Britain's main roads under plans to be announced by prime minister David Cameron in his pre-budget speech.

Tolling could also be introduced to help fund new roads as the government seeks to repair an infrastructure which Cameron claims is "falling behind our competitors".

He's already asked the UK Department for Transport, as well as the Treasury, to carry out a feasibility study on the proposed changes to road financing, the results of which will be announced later in 2012. And later news bulletins mentions that the Chinese were interested in a stake...

Shades of Africa, indeed. We really do lead!


Cameron said: "We need to look urgently at the options for getting large-scale private investment into the national roads network. Road tolling is one option - but we are only considering this for new, not existing, capacity."

The Conservative Party leader pointed out that much of Britain's infrastructure was already funded by the private sector and questioned why Britain's roads still relied on public finances.

Cameron said: "There is now an urgent need to repair the decades-long degradation of our national infrastructure and to build for the future with as much confidence and ambition as the Victorian age once did."

Motoring group AA warned that the proposals could be "the thin end of the wedge", opening the way for surge in tolling.

As we said above, South Africans, you have been warned.

  • Alan - 2012-03-20 14:23

    Don’t buy e-tags. I am not going to let anybody deduct money from my account without proof of service. I will insist that Sanral POST all photographs of my car (with my number plates) going through the toll gates. They cannot email them because my spam blocker won’t allow them. Then if they can get that right then maybe I will pay. My company does not pay for anything without the vendor supplying proof of delivery. Similarly I will not pay for any toll without SANRAL proving to me that MY car with my number plate went through the toll. This goes for you poms too!

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