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Turbo power for Alfa 159

2009-01-26 08:53
The Mito GTA might steal the show at Alfa’s Geneva stand this year, but expect forced induction petrol power for the 159 range too.

Alfa enthusiasts might lament the design shift away from V6 engines to smaller, high-power turbo units. With pending emission regulations though, it’s a fait accompli.

The new 1.8 Di engine (unsurprisingly featuring direct-injection) employs turbocharging to produce 149kW, driving the front wheels through either manual or automatic six-speed transmission options.

Compression ignition buyers should be heartened to see the much vaunted 1.9 twin-turbodiesel engine (rumoured to produce 141kW) become available later in the year too.

The last turbocharged Alfa petrol saloon was the insane, touring car inspired 155 Q4 of the early 1990s.


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