Training boost for tanker drivers

2012-07-05 07:54

Trucking accidents are no joke – particularly in the main corridors between kwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng – but Johannesburg-based RAC Group has kicked off a road transport safety initiative to train tanker drivers to avoid roll-over accidents, using a specially-designed trailer.

CEO of RAC Group, Eugene Herbert, explained: “The frequency of roll-over accidents involving tankers in South Africa is, unfortunately, of a much higher frequency than most people realise.

“Usually the hazardous cargo can cause environmental damage, and is often flammable, as is the case with fuel and gas tankers.


“The cost of a roll-over accident is excessive, as the truck-tractor and the specialised tanker equipment are expensive and invariably results in environmental damage to the road surface and surrounding areas,” Herbert continued.

Afrox approached RAC in 2010 requesting a specialised training programme that will be compulsory for all drivers of Afrox tankers and contractors commissioned to deliver Afrox products.

The programme, developed under the auspices of TUV Rheinland, a German certification company acknowledged as a global leader in driver training.


The material was then adapted by RAC for South African conditions, where the major thrust is identifying the factors that contribute to roll-over accidents and methods of driver control.

The one-day training programme for 12 drivers starts with a theoretical session and a number of simulated environments using tools such as Skid Monster, while the drivers are also able to benefit from real-time viewing via the special on-board monitors. At least three trainers per programme are used.

RAC will initially focus on training Afrox drivers and contractors operating in South Africa before extending the training to other  operations in Africa, the company said.