Tracker network goes 'social'

2012-03-19 13:36

Tracker's ongoing quest to recover stolen vehicles has moved into automotive social networking with the release of its Mesh Network.

The system uses vehicles already fitted with Tracker units to identify a nearby stolen vehicle fitted with Tracker, creating its own social network.

The initiative uses both Tracker Locate and Tracker Plant products. According to the company's UK branch, based on figures from January to June, 2011, 90% of stolen cars fitted with Tracker were returned to their owners, 80% of them within 24hours.


The Mesh Network acts as a listening device. When a vehicle fitted with Tracker passes or is adjacent to another Tracker-equipped vehicle which has been reported stolen it automatically sends a signal providing the location of the stolen asset.

Drivers will be unaware that the stolen vehicle has been identified.

If you're like us you're probably wondering "What's the point?" or "Isn't your Tracker unit supposed to do that anyway?". We've approached Tracker South Africa to clarify and will keep you up to date.

Mark Hooper of ACPO Vehicle Crime Intelligence said: “The new Tracker Mesh Network will enable the police to extend the network of 'eyes and ears' to identify and locate stolen vehicles more effectively using advanced technology and allow us to stay one step ahead of criminals who are becoming more and more adept at stealing cars."

Stephen Doran, Tracker's MD, added: “The launch of the Mesh Network takes tackling vehicle crime to a completely new level. This pioneering initiative empowers drivers to play a positive role in the fight against vehicle crime by allowing their car to be used as a detection device.

"Our ultimate goal is to create an ever-expanding web to catch vehicle thieves as more and more vehicles become part of Mesh. In the past few weeks we have recovered more than (the equivalent of) R2.4-million worth of stolen vehicles as a direct result of the Mesh Network."