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Toyota wants lawsuits dismissed

2010-11-03 08:55

CALL IT: Toyota wants the US class action suit against it to be dismissed.

Toyota has asked a US court to throw out lawsuits alleging acceleration defects in its cars because, it says, many of the plaintiffs never identified any defect or experienced sudden, unintended acceleration.

The automaker filed its motion in court on Monday.

Toyota lawyer Cari Dawson said: "Toyota is confident that its cars provide safe, reliable transport and that the plaintiffs have no credible claims of loss or defect."

Hundreds of suits were filed against Toyota after the company began a recall of millions of vehicles because of alleged acceleration problems in several models and alleged brake defects on the Prius hybrid.


Toyota has recalled more than 10-million vehicles worldwide over the last year and US federal officials said they had received about 3000 complaints about sudden acceleration and estimated the problem could be involved in the deaths of 93 people through the past 10 years.

Some of the remaining suits seek compensation for injury and death due to sudden acceleration; others claim economic loss from owners who say the resale value of their cars and trucks plummeted after the recalls.

All the federal cases were consolidated and assigned to a judge in Southern California.

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