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Toyota iQ gets the party started

2010-10-13 07:06

DRUM ROLL: Toyota Germany’s iQ Disco appears to have been wrapped in foil, yet it has the kind of sound-relay capability to get any party started.

Despite being perhaps the most orderly society on earth, Germans love the indecipherable beat of techno music.

Berlin’s industrial warehouses regularly host insane techno music festivals.

No surprise to find Toyota Germany has kitted-out one of its iQ city cars with a very (over) elaborate Disco package to fulfil the role of a promotional vehicle at events.

If you like wearing platform shoes, colouring your hair silver and shaking day-glo sticks all weekend long you’ll love the iQ Disco.


To ensure the Disco has optimal visual impact, Toyota’s added a glittering silver foil finish to the iQ’s surfacing, binned the standard wheels in favour of 18-inch alloys and unhinged the doors, replacing them with vertically opening scissor doors.

Fundamentally though the iQ Disco is all about sound.

To meet the expectations of its Disco nameplate, Toyota’s added a single 15-inch bass-reflex subwoofer, one dual-channel mixer and two Numan NDX 800 players to mix-up a storm on.

The Disco’s sound system is worth 1000W, accumulating to an acoustic peak of 130dB. Suffice to say this iQ will get any party truly rocking, especially if the DJ you have hired experiences a critical equipment failure and one has to revert to the car audio option with doors wide open...

Toyota Germany first showed (or is that sound matched?) the iQ Disco at last weekend’s Köln Rockt event. Although there are no plans to offer the Disco package as an option to customers, this shiny (scissor-door) iQ can be booked by dealers as a promotional vehicle.

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