Top 10 tips: Travelling with kids

2013-03-16 08:18

1 A child should NEVER be put into any restraint (baby or booster seats) which has previously been subjected to the stress of a collision, or violent stop. Just like helmets, they are damaged after an accident and need to be replaced.

2 Always unsure child seats are fitted properly, every time you use them.

3 Pregnancy is no excuse for not wearing a seat belt, but ensure that the lap belt goes across both hip bones under the ‘bump’ - not over it - with the diagonal belt across the chest as usual.

4 NEVER place a rear-facing baby seat with an active airbag in front of it. It's extremely dangerous should the airbag deploy.

5 If in any doubt, seat young children in the rear seat, properly restrained.

6 Children may become bored on long journeys. Take time to plan your route to include plenty of ‘comfort’ breaks and provide them with some form of safe ‘in-car entertainment’ like their favourite music or movies to keep them from distracting you while driving.

7 Make sure all windows and doors are locked, at all times.

8 Make sure children are always strapped in and doors are child-locked.

9 Be aware of your surroundings at all times, especially when coming to a stop at intersections or stop streets. Be aware of people loitering.

10 Keep all your belongings and bags in the boot.