Top 10 tips: Safer parking

2013-03-16 08:18

Drivers are at their most vulnerable when approaching their cars, often talking on a cell phone or looking for keys in a handbag.

Here are basic tips to keep in mind.

Top 10 safe parking tips

1 Never leave your car unlocked, not even at a petrol station when you need to leave your car to pay for fuel or run into the store.

2 Always choose a safe place to park in a well-lit area where there are people about, especially if you don’t intend to return to your car until after dark.

3 If you park in a multi-floor car park choose a space close to the exit and ramp and away from pillars.

4 Reverse into a parking bay to give you a quick get-away.

5 Park close to the parking attendant if there is one.

6 Make sure you know exactly where you parked so you will not have difficulty finding your car.

7 Never advertise that you’re alone. Ask a friend or security guard to walk you to your car if you feel unsafe about your surroundings.

8 When you return to your car, have your keys ready and check the back seat before you get in and drive away quickly.

9 Never assume nothing will happen to you. If your gut tells you something or makes you feel uneasy, act on it.

10 If someone approaches you and you feel uneasy, scream for attention.