Top 10 tips: General safety

2013-03-15 14:10

Simple things like keeping your car in good running order and planning your route can avoid traumatic situations.

Top 10 general-safety tips for women
1 Think ahead: Plan your route and travel on well-used roads.

2 Make sure your navigation system is up-to-date.

3 Night drive? Always tell somebody your route, destination and what time you expect to arrive. If your plans change, tell them.

4 Make sure your cellphone is fully charged, but out of sight, when driving.

5 Don't EVER pick up hitch-hikers.

6 Ensure your car is serviced regularly. Yes, you have to check your petrol, oil, coolant and tyres every now and then.

7 Keep the doors locked and the windows closed as much as possible, especially in
stop-go traffic or when traveling alone.

8 Always be aware of your surroundings.

9 Keep your handbag, laptop bag or shopping bags in the boot - always, but keep your cell phone, some money and house keys separate. Don’t leave them on the passenger seat or behind the front seats.

10 Most important: Be confident! Know where you going and how to get there. Be alert and keep fit. Have a good posture, keep your head up and don’t be distracted by talking on a phone or rummaging in your handbag.