Top 10 tips: Dangerous stuff

2013-03-16 08:18

Top 10 tips for dangerous situations

1 If you are involved in an incident, avoid getting involved in an argument with the other parties.

2 If you are confronted with ‘road rage’ do not get out of the car; keep your windows up and your car locked.

3 If your car starts to ‘play up’, stop in a busy, well-lit area and call for help immediately by calling the AA or your roadside assist.

4 NEVER give lifts to strangers. If you see an accident or another driver in difficulty do not stop. Phone the police as soon as possible and report what you have seen.

5 If a car pulls up alongside or behind you and the occupants try to attract your attention, it may be a genuine warning. However, keep your doors locked and drive to a police or petrol station before stopping. Even then keep, your doors locked until you are confident there is no danger.

6 If someone is deliberately trying to intimidate you in another car, or if you think a car is following you, keep driving until you reach a busy, public place.

7 If a car travels alongside you at the same speed, slow down and allow them to pass. If the driver persists, drive to a busy, public place and call the police.

8 If a car pulls in front of you and forces you to stop, leave the engine running. If the driver, or passenger gets out and approaches you, turn on your hazard lights, reverse as far as you can and sound your horn continuously, no matter what time it is or where you are.

9 If the occupant of a car beside you at traffic lights tries to attract your attention simply ignore them. Don’t make eye contact.

10. If someone throws something on your windscreen or against your car while driving – DO NOT STOP and do not use your wipers as this will only impair your vision further. Drive to the nearest garage or public place.