'Tickets' to German parking fines

2012-02-02 06:44

POTSDAM, Germany – The authorities in this city are giving parking transgressors an unexpected break by issuing tickets without fines.

The tickets issued for carelessly parked cars include a fine of 0 euros and the cheerful message "Glueck gehabt!!!" (Lucky you!!!). The new approach is designed to admonish motorists without hitting them in the wallet.

Regina Thielemann, a city of Potsdam spokeswoman, explained: "The tickets serve as a warning to parking offenders. They're issued when the driver isn't around so they're given written notice when they'd ordinarily get a verbal warning."


Potsdam, the state capital of Brandenburg just outside Berlin, earned around 1.2-million euros from parking fines in 2011 with about 120 000 parking notice issuedr.

In Germany - a country known for its fondness for obeying rules and punishing offenders - Potsdam's penalty-free tickets have caught the attention of the national media. One recipient, Kathrin Bach, said her initial reaction to finding a note on her windscreen was one of annoyance - until she read the message.

"I thought 'Oh no - another ticket'," she told Germany's Bild newspaper. "I've paid loads of parking fines before because there are so few parking spaces in the area.”.

Bach's offence - parking less than five metres from a road junction - should have cost her 10 euros, according to the city's parking rules.


  • Gerrit - 2012-02-02 12:46

    Imagine the JMPD doing the same thing!

      Kon - 2012-02-02 13:37

      You will have to pay them "cool drink money" to do that.

      ivan.coetzee2 - 2012-02-02 14:34

      Cant imagine it, some things are just not possible in some parts ofthe world!

  • Trevor - 2012-02-02 20:54

    I pay 10euro just to park my car in Brussels...otherwise you just double park, it's unreal here.

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