Think before you chip

2012-01-25 10:35

In a pinch and unable to update your car for a swisher, more fuel efficient model? You may want to consider retro-fitting fuel-saving solutions, but before you do, a word of caution…

A survey conducted by UK website TheGreenCarWebsite.co.uk found that 78% of motorists would consider a form of retro-fitting for their cars to improve economy and save money.

While some may consider retro-fitting hybrid or electric systems, or chipping the engine, milder “modifications” such as removing factory-fitted roof racks, covering the wheels with smooth covers and removing extra weight from the car’s boot are also options.


The GreenCarWebsite.co.uk has advice for drivers considering retro-fitting.

Engine chipping, or remapping, is the process of reprogramming the car’s ECU. Although usually used to improve performance, it can also improve economy. Be sure to check with your insurance company and be aware that chipping may affect your manufacturer warranty.

Retro-fitting a hybrid system to your current vehicle may be cheaper than buying a new hybrid, but with more hybrids becoming available, it is becoming more affordable all the time.

  • Simon - 2012-01-25 13:11

    What a useless article

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