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Teens wreck rare German supercar

2011-04-12 07:31

GOOD TYRES, NOT GREAT TYRES?: Gumpert’s Apollo lacks both airbags and ESP. It does have a mighty robust safety cell though.

Teenagers and supercars are not a good combination.

The latest incident to underline why teenage drivers cannot be trusted with an overpowered, mid-engined supercar comes from a highway near Brokdorf, Germany.

A 20-year-old driver was trying to impress his 19-year-old girlfriend with some high-speed cornering on a very slow-speed left bearing curve when things, predicatbly, went awry.

The car being used was Gumpert’s Apollo – a low volume supercar not known for its benevolent handling characteristics when manhandled.

Without the benefit of chassis stability systems the Apollo’s grip levels were breached and it slid off the road at speed into a pasture. Both driver and passenger were only slightly injured (despite the lack of airbags), but the Apollo’s expertly crafted composite bodywork was pretty much destroyed.

The 20-year-old driver is – obviously – not the Apollo’s owner. We expect someone's dad is going to be less than impressed, considering a low-end Apollo retails for around R4m.

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