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Technicolor RS4

2007-05-09 11:03

The Audi RS4 Art car created by Brazilian-born Pop artist Romero Britto

Audi is going arty with its RS4 performance sedan. The carmaker is the official automotive sponsor of Art Chicago, America's longest-running international modern and contemporary art fair.

At this premium art show, Audi will present the Audi RS4 Art car created by Brazilian-born Pop artist Romero Britto.

According to Audi Art Chicago is an opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to design by exhibiting the RS4 Art Car.

Britto, a modern day pop culture icon, has been a fixture on the international art scene since 1989 when he was commissioned by Absolut Vodka, along with Keith Haring and Andy Warhol to design a bottle label for the company.

Following on the heels of Absolut, Britto's whimsical Pop Art is consistently commissioned for corporate collections from around the world.

The Audi RS4 art car is his most recent project. Being a car enthusiast, art cars have always been among Britto's favourite projects.

"For the Audi RS4, I wanted to create something that would combine sophistication, dynamism and fun on one hand, but also include the aspect of a future generation on the other ? as Audi is an innovative and leading brand", Britto says.

"This is why I came to choose the portrait of a woman as it incorporates all these attributes."


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