Taking on Africa for charity

2012-06-21 14:58

A Suzuki Grand Vitara will be one of the stars of an innovative rally which began simultaneously at starting points in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Teams participating in the Put Foot Rally will have to endure a 7000km journey across Southern Africa before ending on the Mozambican coast in early July, 2012.
The 17-day event is organised by the Put Foot Foundation with the hopes of raising funds for young African learners by providing them with school shoes and contributing to Project Rhino’s anti-poaching activities.


There are no prizes for finishing first, with fundraising and fun being key objectives. Teams also hope to prove that Africa is a safe, affordable and accessible destination to travel through in any vehicle.

The Put Foot Rally will visit Namibia’s Etosha Park, the Zambezi River in Zambia, Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe and Lake Malawi before finishing in Mozambique.
Crewing the Grand Vitara will be Team Half Full Four consisting of Jimmy, Kate and Helen Parfitt and Ron Rutland.
Jimmy and Kate Parfitt are New Zealanders based in China, while fellow New Zealander Helen works and lives in London. Cape Town-based Rutland is the only South African on the team and helped organise the inaugural Put Foot Rally in 2011.
Rutland said: “We can’t wait to experience Africa in the comfort and style offered by the Grand Vitara.

“We will also get to test it thoroughly in the hugely diverse terrain that awaits. The Put Foot Rally in a Grand Vitara, it’s the Suzuki way of life,” he said.
Teams competing in the event choose their own routes between compulsory check point parties which take place in each country.
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