Steer clear of rip-off relatives

2011-11-03 09:37

Buying a car from a family member seems like a good idea, right? You know the owner and how they take care of their goods, plus you’ll score a family discount. Or will you…?

Car dealerships have quite the reputation for hustling along dodgy deals, so the allure to score on a second hand deal from a relative may look like a great deal. Not so fast, results from a new survey caution.

A survey conducted by a dealership website in the UK found that buying a car from a family member could quickly turn into a wallet-crushing exercise that will outweight the cut-price deal at a time when money matters really matter.


Some 67% of the 2000 people polled said despite the discounted prices and convenience of purchasing from relatives, breakdowns and mechanical failures could see most drivers spend more in the long run.

Trusted Dealers commissioned the survey and its managing director, Neil Addley, said: “The particularly alarming figure was the high percentage of cars that ended up costing buyers more than they expected in the long run.”

Around 65% said it cost more in the long-run, while 15% said they later found they'd been over-charged. Being short-changed by family members was found to be equally common across age groups and not confined to young drivers buying their first car.

Have you been the target of an unscrupulous family dealer? Tell us about your experience in the comments section below.

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