Splash! Gran crashes into pool(V)

2011-11-14 09:55

AUSTIN, Texas - An elderly woman received quite a scare when she accidentally drove her Dodge Neon in to a swimming-pool.

Security cameras recorded Mary Lee Fine, 86, who, during a routine shopping trip, crashed through a fence and splashed her car into a pool at a care facility.

The cause of the crash? Fine said she had to get into her vehicle from the passenger side because it was parked too close to another.

"In pushing myself to get over, I either hit the key or hit the gearshift... I don't know which," she said.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, Fine's car is seen driving through the fence. Fortunately, a metal patio chair became wedged under the Neon and stopped it sinking, giving a care worker at the facility enough time to come to the stranded woman's rescue and pull her out of her part-sunken car.

Watch the video below: