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Soweto launch for BMW 1 Series

2008-02-18 08:37
The latest BMW 1 Series Coupe will be launched in Soweto, the company said on Friday.

"Soweto is a pulsating metropolis and can be credited with setting trends in politics, fashion, music, dance and even language," said Richard Carter, general manager, communication and public affairs.

"With this in mind we felt it would be the perfect venue to launch the new BMW 135i Coup?s BMW has a strong following in Soweto and represents progress, style, flair, finesse and financial success."

BMW would also extend its involvement in social development projects in the area, the company said.

Soweto is on record as having nicknamed the BMW E30, the Gusheshe (notion of speed), the E36 the Dolphin (notion of gracefulness) and the E46 the G-string (notion of sex-appeal).

"The BMW brand found a home in Soweto many years ago," said Bodo Donauer managing director of BMW SA.

"The aspirational nature of BMW's products is much loved by the people of Soweto and we are pleased to be able to celebrate this by launching the BMW 1 Series Coup?mong so many of our loyal followers."

The launch will be held in Soweto from February 26.


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