Smart phones rev up car buyers

2011-11-16 12:52

New smart phones and their associated applications (apps) are being cited as the biggest change yet in used-vehicle buyers' behaviour.

Whether it's researching how much has been paid for a specific car on Auto Trader or the stock availability of a certain car in their region, buyers are using cellphone technology to mange their vehicle purchase.

Applications are particularly useful during vehicle auctions as they allow users to view the supply/demand ratio in their area-  and prices. This allows a better understanding of vehicles for sale locally and reduces the number of users overbidding on a potential vehicle.


The buyer never overpays for a vehicle and can up or downgrade their bids.

Autioneer Alex Wright says: “For 50 years the used-vehicle guides supported by some local knowledge were the basis for their view on market prices.

“The smart phone coupled to relevant apps and easy access to the internet has transformed the available access to price information. Those buying not only ensure they pay the true market price for a vehicle but are also making sure they price the vehicle correctly when it comes to selling."

One of the most recent applications to appear is the Auto Trader mobile application which allows the buyer to view all its advertisers' cars and bikes - about 350 000 - online.

  • Kristiaan - 2011-11-18 07:31

    Which app on your blackberry can you use to auction on cars?

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