Smart art makes Volt sparkle

2012-05-18 08:28

Chevrolet’s Volt may have been accepted into the mainstream in certain markets where it is sold but the electric vehicle’s still able to flash its anti-establishment roots on occasion…

Automotive artist Ian Cook has, reportedly, made art history by creating an image of the Volt using paint that reacts to ultra-violet light. This creates the effect of making the image glow against the board on which it was created, even though in normal light it looks like any other bright artwork.

Cook’s work is based on a night-time image of the Volt in London, shot by car photographer Dominic Fraser.


To create the image, Cook worked in a mostly-dark studio using radio-controlled Chevrolet Camaro models. The model cars were dipped in UV paint, too, so that they could be visible in the studio…

Cook said of his art: “This is, quite simply, the hardest piece of work I’ve ever created. I was - more or less - creating it blind.”

The Volt piece was completed during a three-day car-art workshop held at the headquarters of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders in London during which Cook demonstrated his art in interactive sessions to children and art students.

He also used the event to create one of his most detailed images yet, of his own SpART – a Chevrolet Spark in a unique livery. Cook creates all of his work using radio-controlled cars and old tyres.