Sex or my car? It's no contest!

2011-12-07 08:27

LONDON, England - Peugeot has announced the results of its RCZ Study and revealed that men are more keen on being under the bonnet than between the sheets, at least in the UK.

The study polled more than 2000 people to promote the French automaker's RCZ sports coupé and came up with data that claimed 50% of men were more concerned with wheels than high heels and admitted they found their partner more difficult to maintain than their car.

About one in 10 guys even confessed to being more in love with their cars’ curves than those of their girlfriend.


It gets worse: 14% of males talk more about their car than about their lover; the figure for women was three percent

The study also revealed men were more likely to spend cash on their vehicle (17%) than their partner with 13% of respondents having been with their wheels longer than their significant other.

A teenage fantasy still showed up in the figures: 14% believed owning a sports car would land them the boy/girl of their dreams.

Older Britons (45-54) believed their vehicle was better-looking than their partner; 20% of this group also spent the most time admiring their car (10%).


RATHER BE DUMPED: When it comes to prioties, both men and women would rather be dumped than risk losing their ride - espiecially if it were a Peugeot RCZ like this one.

Behaviour and relationship expert Pam Spurr commented on the RCZ study: “We’ve long known that the British are a nation of petrolheads but by the looks of things the balance can often tip a little in the wrong direction. Car-lovers should be mindful of their partner's feelings.


"It seems the pleasure we derive from our car is one we have greatly underestimated. It’s incredibly surprising to think such pleasure sometimes surpasses the enjoyment a car owner derives from their partner."

Peugeot's Andrew Didlick said: “As a French brand, Peugeot is naturally seen as a company with a distinct French flair, and the RCZ Sports Coupé certainly has a frivolous attraction by being so curvaceous, so it doesn’t surprise us that the study shows some British people are more tempted to look after their motor than their other half.”

The research also revealed that fickle youngsters aged 18-24 were more likely to have more meaningful relationships with their wheels rather than with their partners; 20% or those aged 25-34 said they would find it tougher to lose their car than their lover.

  • Mogo - 2011-12-07 08:57

    Dammit man why publish this on the net?!... Ish, now I hope my GF doesn't find this :/

  • Frank - 2011-12-08 16:09

    i`ll never give up sex for a peugeot...ferrari or lambo might make me reconsider(if i`m a bit tired of her).

  • Sharon - 2012-03-27 09:02

    My car over sex anyday hahaha!!!!

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