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Seven fat years for Ferrari owners

2011-04-28 08:57

NOT COVERED: Ferrari’s new industry leading 7 year maintenance plan will not cover the company’s most accomplished supercar – the 599 GTO.

An expensive car is hardly a good investment and becomes even more difficult to justify when maintenance costs skyrocket after the initial maintenance plan lapses.

Most premium brands offer a maintenance plan extensions to the usual three years but they are priced according to a sliding scale and often quite expensive to activate.

Ferrari, though, loves its customers so much that the famous Italian supercar brand has announced the maintenance plan contract fine-print to, it says, beat all rivals. It will launch in Europe (global roll-out through 2011) to offer new 458, California and FF customers a FREE seven-year maintenance plan.


It will covers labour and replacement parts as well as oil and brake fluid. Unsurprisingly, the plan is not being offered on the company’s 599 models as these cars do take a trifle more punishment from their rather more (track-day) committed owners.

Industry analysts see the plan as a possible counter to the hysteria surrounding Ferrari’s 458 and its self-immolation issues which made headlines during late 2010. However it stands to reason, if you're about to buy a new Ferrari, that your decision has just become a whole lot easier to explain.

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