Secret all-terrain 'TVR' revealed

2012-05-31 06:36

Peter Wheeler is perhaps best remembered as the former boss of TVR, but three years after his death, one of his most entertaining visions has finally become real.

The Scamander, named after a Greek river god and Trojan warrior, is a vehicle that drives on and off road and can be used on water, was designed by Wheeler after he sold off TVR in 2005.

The all-terrain vehicle is powered by a Ford three-litre V6 motor that drives the rear wheels via a four-speed automatic gearbox.


It has a top speed on the road, it is claimed of 193km/h and can hit a top speed of around six knots on water.

The Scamander’s cockpit is arranged in a McLaren F1-style with the driver seated centrally and flanked by one passenger on either side. A jet ski impeller is used and , on water, the driver steers the Scamander via a lever and speeds up by using the regular accelerator pedal.

Wheeler was unable to finish the Scamander project before his death, but widow Vicky, along with a team of engineers managed to pull it off in the end.

Wheeler told the Daily Mail: “Over the last few years before he sold TVR engineering, Peter spoke of developing a vehicle which was fast on road, very capable off road and that could also take you across water.

“The concept did not fit in with the TVR range and therefore it wasn’t until he sold the company that he began to develop it.”

She now hopes someone equally passionate will develop the Scamander into a full-scale production model.

  • jan.viljoen1 - 2012-05-31 13:24

    Can it accommodate a baby seat? :)

      thabzmadi - 2012-05-31 14:58

      what would you need a baby seat for in an adventure machine???

  • thabzmadi - 2012-05-31 14:57

    this is what I had in mind when I thought of cars of the 21st century....now someone please fund and mass produce!!!

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