S'bu wants highway vigilantes

2011-12-27 21:55


Has Sibusiso 'Million Cars a Month' Ndebele finally lost it? He's calling for traffic cops to have the power to confiscate driving licences... "on the spot" without benefit of "guilty" or "not guilty".

According to a report on eTV news the transport minister apparently said his department was "prepared to face any consequences" to keep the road-death toll down (he's a bit late for that, but whatever...).


Well excuse us poor voters, sir, but your traffic cops do not have the legal right to do that: arrest me, fine. Issue me with an intention to prosecute notice, fine. Breathalayse me and stick me in chookie for the weekend, fine. But please, wait for the laws to be passed before sending your cops off on vigilante missions.

The licence confiscation outburst shows as little forethought as the move a while ago to confiscate cars being driven by people proved to be above the legal blood-alcohol limit, an idea kicked into touch when it was pointed out that such a move would be a) Illegal (because the driver might not own the car) and b) Unfair (because two drivers on the same road with the same alcohol count would face vastly different penalties, depending on the value of the vehicle being driven).

Fact is, only a magistrate or other justice can revoke a driving licence, and that only after a driver has been found guilty of an offence which carries such a penalty. It's the courts' prerogative to impose penalties, not that of some mere politician.


"Desperate times call for desperate measures", Ndebele is reported to have asserted with the death toll more than 900 so far in December and the homeward-bound holiday rush still to come.

Well here's what we say, sir: Speed traps do not make roads safer, visible policing and better driver training make roads safer. And it doesn't help much that the dozens of driving-licence stations across our country are corrupt to the core and have allowed thousands of inept, untrained and potentially lethal people behind the wheels of cars, trucks, buses and taxis. They got the money, but the people of this country paid the price...

Get your political house in order, Mr Minister. Arrest, try and if guilty fine/jail and then summarily sack corrupt traffic department officials, with the loss of all privileges and accumulated pensions and a ban on any further government employment, THEN you will find the appalling death toll on South African roads falling.


  • Trevor - 2011-12-28 08:41

    So what, Dept of Correctional Services does not deem a court order applicable to them, they will do their own inquiry to hell with the courts....so why should this ANC Comrade be any different...??...LMAO...I DARE YOU "Minister", to implement this FIRST on the taxi/bus industry...I DARE YOU...!! Will be the last thing you do...;o)

  • Pride - 2011-12-28 11:45

    S'bu seems to be taking the lead from so many other 'honourable ministers' in our country - RE-active statements insead of PRO-active plans. And when he opens his mouth, the garbage that comes out does nothing to impress, it just makes him look more incompetent than ever. Minister, go and look at what other countries around the world are doing to reduce the death toll on their roads - there are so many plans that could be put into place here (I have sent some to your offices myself! No reply, there's a surpirse). But no, I suppose doing that would be too much like real hard work - it's easier to 'sympathise' with victims' families and 'encourage / plead' with motorists to be more cautious on our roads. But you're ok right? Nice office, fancy car, blue light brigades etc etc, let the poor common people look after their own safety!? Sadly, I predict a far higher death toll this year - even after RTMC finish fudging the figures again? This is why I stay home over Xmas!

  • Gerhardus - 2011-12-28 13:36

    An IQ test should be compulsary before you go for a "Drivers Licence" test.

      Timothy - 2011-12-28 20:56

      IQ Test? What's the rationale behind this? I think almost everyone is the same on the road except ofcourse for taxi drivers. I suggest an IQ test for Taxi drivers instead (...although all of them will fail & maybe Sbu can put more focus on them). Normal drivers require EQ (Emotional Quotient) because there's lot of anger & impatience out there.

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